An Example Of Our Work

Fuel Station

This fuel station was scanned to produce a full site point cloud. Scans were taken at ground level and at height to get a full building/canopy scan.

Scan Project Stats :

– Turnaround Time : 1 week including clean up/removal of people/cars from point cloud.
– Number of points in point cloud (after cleaning) : 785,410,259.
– Registration Accuracy : Overall project accuracy of 2.2mm.
– Supplied to client as a point cloud file (various formats available) and a customer friendly web export for easy measurement by non technical users that can be run from anywhere.

View Online Version Of Point Cloud

Please note that the online version of the point cloud is a much less dense version of the full point cloud due to the size of the raw data, so will be of lower quality than an offline cloud.
This is to ensure that it loads properly in web browsers without causing issues.

– Double Click to zoom to a point
– Scroll in/out with your mouse wheel
– Pan the camera by holding the right mouse button
– Rotate/Tilt the camera by holding the left mouse button

View Full Site Point Cloud

View Individual Pump Point Cloud