Why Use Laser Scanning?

Laser scanning, coupled to digital reconstruction, will give you faster, easier, desktop access to more precise measurements, data and information about your assets than any other technology, skill, trade or professional discipine. Without exception.

What Can We Offer You?

Point Clouds

A set of datapoints on the surface of anything being scanned, arranged in a digital cloud. A typical scan of a building may include a million or more of them.

Laser Scanning

The use of controlled laser beams to capture the surface dimensions of machinery, buildings or other objects. Also called 3D or Lidar scanning.

Fly Through Videos

A way of presenting the data from scans, giving the user the ability to digitally ‘fly through’ a building or other space, visualising it from different angles and navigating to different points.

Floor Plans

A highly functional version of an old style technical drawing, with significantly enhanced features, benefits and capabilities.

Accurate Surveys

The ability to use scans, processed into a digital model, to provide any information normally required from a site survey, for any trade or profession.

Virtual Reality

A software-generated simulation of the scanned area or space allowing the user to interact with it, through a computer, as though they were physically in that space.

Asset Management

The coordinated, planned, cost-efficient management of buildings, real estate, machinery and other physical assets, optimising performance, utility, sustainability, value, revenues and profit and minimising cost, overhead, depreciation and risk.


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